Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year, New Deal

It's a gorgeous, sunny, warm-esque January morning here in the bustling Metropolis of Shanty Bay, Ontario... the kind of morning that makes you think about what has gone by, and what is yet to come. Last year held the highest highs and lowest of lows; just like life - personally, professionally and even globally. My default view that the world is a festering stinkhole will have to change somewhat if I am to give my unborn child a fighting chance in this, the new and improved world of the 21st Century Schizoid Man. Zachary is due to arrive at the end of April, and I've got to get my... stuff... together. There - I resisted the temptation to swear. And I know the world is a stinkhole, I'll just have to keep it a secret for about fifteen years.

People can tell me all they want that my life will change when he is born, and I believe it. I'm happy and terrified at the same time. At least I won't be going it alone. My wife is looking forward to having her body back to herself, and not being sick every morning. I realize it's the universal experience of mankind, but it's happening to me and my wife for the first time at our relatively advanced ages. I'll be 94 when he hits high school - can you believe it? Naaah, neither do I.

Our closest friends are moving in two weeks, which will affect us also. It's not Zaire or anything, but neither is it around the corner. To paraphrase Martin Prince as he's told the class is going to tour the box factory, "This may well prove fascinating..."

Hey - you kids like music? Listen to Sufjan Stevens' 2005 album Illinois. Now! I only heard about him recently on many BlogCritics Top Ten of '05 Lists. I had no idea who he was, but there's a bio on Allmusic that explains where he's coming from. I could best describe it as Brian Wilson Meets The Beatles Meets Progressive Low-Fi. Don't let that scare you, it's extremely tuneful and many of the songs seem to be around six to seven minutes long, so he gets to explore some of the melodies on a grander scale than the average three-minute pop song. In a perfect world, this would be playing on the radio, but see above for my worldview. It is the most evocative stuff I've heard in a long time, it covers all the bases - it's fun, sorrowful, playful, rueful, and at times joyous.

I resolve only to do more "stuff" this year - play guitar, hike in the woods, bike, swim, take more photos, and write some freakin' music. Most of those things can be done with a baby in tow, can't they? If not, I'll find a way...

Happy New Year to everyone!