Friday, November 30, 2007

Git 'Er Done!

"So I'm out there, right, and a'cause my truck was broke, I hadda walk acrost number 17 highw'y to my buddy's place ta fix his dilapitated chimbly until I got flustrated by the bad weather, tripped over a long chair and went to Canada Tire to get a warsher for the damn thing. Those frickin' places are so humungy I got disorientated in the store and couldn't focust. I axed fer some help, but the Musler lady in the Hee-jab couldn't speak English too good, I could bearly understand 'er. It was horror-bill. Cripes! What the hell's wrong with this country anyways?"

There's no one in the world quite as convinced of his intellect and superiority in the world as the Canadian Redneck. Just let it go. Don't correct these people when they take liberties with language that would make a schoolteacher snap and attack you with a broken bottle. Live and let live is the lesson of today's ultra-permissive society. After all, you wouldn't want to point out to a moron that they are one as it could cause severe menter traum'y.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Thank You For Your Patients (sp)

This week the Obstacle returns, bigger and better and updated more frequently. Check here for irreverence as well as irrelevance, obstreperousness, veracity and snideness.

In the meantime, the moderator has decided to post his own photo (see aside) for publicity reasons. I suggest not making comments that will set him off into a full-on rant about dairy products and their declining quality over the past few years.