Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Thank You For Your Patients (sp)

This week the Obstacle returns, bigger and better and updated more frequently. Check here for irreverence as well as irrelevance, obstreperousness, veracity and snideness.

In the meantime, the moderator has decided to post his own photo (see aside) for publicity reasons. I suggest not making comments that will set him off into a full-on rant about dairy products and their declining quality over the past few years.


Slobo Gack! said...

Oh Obstacle, tell me - why can I not buy Jersey milk?
And what about unpasteurized milk? Huh? What about that?

Corvid said...

Pasteurized or not, No other drink delivers such a package of goodness as Jersey Milk.
You can believe it because it's on the marketing page for the Jersey dairy. Advertising doesn't lie. Now excuse me while I go inhale some smooth Carolina smoke and lie down for a while in my new iron lung.