Monday, March 02, 2009

Shout-out of the week

Bill Maher's Real Time. Great HBO show that cuts through the bolshevik that pervades our media. He tempers his political vitriol with just enough humour to avoid depression and panic.

Very right for the times and of more use than Stephen Colbert and that other guy, whasisname, Jon Stewart. Those guys are so pre-meltdown. Only complaint: Once a week isn't enough!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of political vitriol, he tempers his atheistic views with slamming all religion.

I can listen to him, but not at the expense of criticizing everything. If you don't share his views then you're nothing.

I at least like to talk or listen to someone that does the same when I talk to them.

Creaulx said...

The reason it doesn't bother me is because Maher's savvy wit dulls the edge of his admittedly populist views. Slamming religion is popular right now, thanks to our terrorist friends and their extremism. His pothead status isn't in the least impressive to me either, as it is to his hooting Liberal audience. By contrast, his humour is bang-on, and hilarious. In watching him on TV, you aren't engaging in conversation or discourse with him - and you have the power to turn the TV off.

WLDB said...

Love the show. I remember watching Politically Incorrect from time to time at the young age of 8-12. He hasn't changed all that much. I also enjoyed Religulous, as an agnostic I was quite pleased that someone was taking on religion without getting killed.