Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry *&^%$#@ Christmas

The Scene: A cosy warm sitting room. All the lights are off in the room and a fire is roaring in the big stone fire place. An old man wrapped in a shawl sits in a rocking chair while a young man sits at his feet. Outside the snow is blowing hard around the window.

Young Man - "Grandad, tell me more about this "company morale" thing you talk so fondly about.

Grandad - "Well, back in my day, when employees did a good job the managers of that same company used to walk around and actually praise them for doing a good job!"

YM - "Wow! These days you're just expected to do more work."

G - "Well, back in my day, a company would be so happy for the hard work you do for them every year that they'd actually share some of the profits from that year!"

YM - "Wow! These days they just tell you to be happy you get a pay-cheque!"

G - "Well, back in my day they'd throw a big Christmas party for all the staff and their spouses as a thank you."

YM - "Wow! These day's they just let you go home early on Christmas Eve if it doesn't interfere with productivity."

G - "Well, back in my day people wanted to show up for work and do the best job they could do because they knew the company appreciated it."

YM - "Wow! Now people show up for work in the morning dreading what the day will bring and how many problems they can fit on their shoulders before they have a complete and total mental breakdown!"

G - "Wow! Shitty being you!"


Miloj Gack! said...

Guess what kind of day I had.

K_R_Raven said...

Someone could use an extra shot of rum in his eggnog by the sounds of it. Or maybe to hell with the eggnog! Get some sleep, my friend.

Myself, I work niteshift right through the "holidays" this year, and despite record profits the company did not provide a hot meal nor a CTC gift certificate for $10 and not even a christmas card from staff as in years past. Joy to the frickin' corporate world! Let earth redeem her shares!

I know where you're coming from. Now get back to work!

But only after you've had a Merry Christmas!