Friday, July 18, 2008

We Owe It To Ourselves do something about the appalling lack of Canadian-made goods available at the vast majority of retailers in this country. Check your shoes - where are they made? Even if they say Rockport or Clarks on the sole, the little tongue tag gives away the country of origin as China. Same with just about any garment that used to be made, if not in this country, then at least on this continent.

It's a situation that has knocked the manufacturing sector on it's ass over the last few years, and despite popular consensus, free trade is not to blame. Three years ago, the protective tariffs that helped Canadian goods compete in the international marketplace were lifted and it's been going downhill at breakneck speed ever since, according to a feature story on CBC's The National tonight. Jobs have been lost in the thousands to third world cheap labour countries, the usual gang of suspect countries being the beneficiaries of our unwillingness to pay $5 more for a shirt or pair of pants made in this country.

To remedy this, I've placed a request in to contact some of these garment manufacturers to see if there would be any interest in assembling a national web registry of Canadian Manufacturers for goods of all types, under the banner of There, you would be able to search out, say, t-shirts, or winter coats and how to buy them, with links to the manufacturers' sites. It's just an idea in the earliest stages of planning, but I know that I'm not the only one out there who's mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

I wonder where the masks our Olympic athletes are forced to wear due to the dangerous air quality wearing in Beijing are made? Hoboken? Something tells me not so much...

...and now back to our regularly scheduled lampooning of society.


Corvid said...

No follow-up from the CBC inquiry, so fgck 'em. I'm goin' to get me some Chinese shoes. Ohhh, Lady!!!

Corvid said...

...FYI, it turned out that was (or is still) owned by Rick Mercer. Unpatriotic git, he used it to promote his not-so-successful Tv'er show of the same name.

K_Raven said...

Soon all goods will be made in China, and the rest of us will be out of work. Unfortunately, we'll be too broke to buy stuff. Then China will have no market beyond their own borders. Is any of this making any sense?

Didn't think so.