Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things Continue To Get Extremely Worse.

Original Post From July; quite prescient given the current predictions of depression-esque tendencies in the economy.

How true. Very poorly worded, but true. The title quote was taken from a union representative in Oshawa commenting on the recent GM truck plant closure there after the government threw as much spare cash as they could at GM, but it applies to a lot of things recently. Car companies don't really deserve government bailouts, do they? How about the local Mom & Pop type stores that are constantly going under due to the overkill of retail in this country? Blame Wal-Mart if you will, but there's a simple reason we're getting "extremely worse" in this country and in the US of (DO)A...

We're lazy and greedy, and getting "worser" by the minute. I should know, I work for the Federal Government. You want entitlement issues? Try unionized government workers with strong socialist tendencies who want to do as little as possible and get paid handsomely for their inactivity. Most criticisms levelled at the way Government is conducted are spot-on.

So, greed got us into this mess - how do we propose to get out of it? Why, naturally, by spending our way back into prosperity. If that's true, can I actually justify my recent insane flat panel HDTV purchase merely by it's incremental contribution to the GNP, thereby allowing me to sleep at night? Yes, I Can™! Thanks, Obama!

Unlike Kent Brockman, I'm not pointing the finger squarely at you in particular, as I can be firmly lumped in with the gooey masses. We still have a false sense of entitlement in this country that is to be found nowhere else in the world save the USA, and possibly Sweden.

In many third-world developing nations, the mere act of getting out of bed and walking to the local market can be a matter of life and death. In North America, we still take so much for granted, that when we do fall it'll be ten times harder than what anyone can forecast.

Your stock market performance or new BMW M3 isn't the topic of conversation when you can't scrape together enough to pay the mortgage, and roving bands of starving Liberals are your biggest late-night worry. It's a fine line between comfort and being hungry, but you always know when you've crossed it, and we're not there yet. As a result, I don't hold out much hope for things to improve. Like an addict, we have to hit rock bottom and sleep in a few dumpsters before our friends call an intervention. I wonder what the state of the Union (and Canada) will be like six months from now when all the post-coronation Obama hype has died down and we can all get back to cold hard reality.

Despite my pessimistic tone, I actually think (or is it hope) that we can get through this crisis. Nothing is more inventive than an addict looking for his next fix. After all, you can always find the money somewhere.


Kevin said...

Hope and change are the bland and vague promises of the inaugurated Kenyan-born ex-muslim who will lead us back into prosperity. Do you still believe?

Bill Clinton's last cabinet seems to be taking the majority of the jobs in the new, improved hope and change central headquarters. Bah...more of the same...

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelman, you angry, sarcastic little ranter...

How can you possible have a problem with the new US President? They finally get a leader who is, intelligent, honest, active in his church and community, is devoted to his wife and family, AND as I understand it, can juggle, ride a unicycle, and yodel like the dickens. There are also reports he does a spot on impersonation of Tina Turner in a drag show, but then again, I might be thinking of my cousin

Seriously, Kenyan-born Ex-Muslim??? C'mon. Although his father and step father were Muslim and Barack Jr. attended a Muslim school for two years, the Hawaiian born, Kansas, raised, Columbia University Educated Obama, also attended Catholic school for two years.

I DO believe he will exact change for the better. I DO believe he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time. I DO believe Oprah will be impossible to get out of the White House once she spends the night in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Aw Kev....you always knew how to get a rise outta me!

Kevin said...

Check into it, Obama's grandma says she saw him being born .... in Kenya. His Mom could not fly to Hawaii because the airline wouldn't let her on the plane THAT pregnant. There are records saying he was born in two different hospitals in Hawaii, etc, again if you look.


That aside, the US economy is in such bad shape, there is no way to save it. Check out the latest article at http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com/

Obama will also be a target by muslims who consider him to be apostate. The penalty for apostasy in Islam is.....yeah, death, as usual.

C'mon, Oprah in the Lincoln bedroom? That ain't right. That ain't right at all.

Creaulx said...

You'se guys should have your own "Face-Off®" blog - Liberal vs Conservative. You're both smart, funny and good writers; I'd read it... But then, I also eat pork rinds and headcheese, or as Pat Hoffer once called it "pig face in gelatin". So perhaps my endorsement doesn't carry much heft.

Kevin said...

Obama is a Liberal. Therefore he has no principles which cannot be changed for political advantage. He speaks in generalities and vagueness, and of hope and change without outlining any policy differences, or specific points. He is a great orator of generalities and possibilities, but he will deliver on none. He even flubbed his lines getting sworn in! Funny how George Bush never had that trouble.

Bush started the bailouts and Obama now has bailouts of his own. Bush = bad and Obama = good because the media says so. Bob Rae attempted to "spend Ontario out of recession" in the 1990's and what didn't work in Ontario then is not going to work now coast to coast in the US. The results of this ill-advised bailout package will have temporary results, but longer term will prove disastrous. Don't take my word on it. Check out

The only man of understanding and principle who might have been able to make a difference in America was Ron Paul, but he was purposely eliminated because big oil was looking to McCain for their own interests.

The people chose Obama, and I'm sure he's a nice enough guy, but the US problems are so deep that the consequences are inevitable, and no one can stop them now. Left wing, right wing, same bird, same system, same approach.Liberal Bailouts or Conservative bailouts, either way the people lose. The fat cats pocket the cash and the middle class gets the bill. Regardless of political stripe. That is the system.

In Canada you have the Harper deficit, or we can spend $300 million for an election for change and get the same choice under the Liberals, or let the coalition take the reigns, and still have a huge deficit as our only choice. What choice? There is no choice.

Harper's hands are tied and there is nothing better to choose from because all the choices are identical. Harper's stock is way down to Liberal levels since he has been nothing but Liberal lite, without the scandals.

There are hard times coming, and no politician will be able to change or hope our way out of them.