Friday, March 10, 2006

Things I Find Amusing.

1) Women who get upset about pictures of scantily clad females in men’s’ calendars and newspapers but will shell out large dollars for women’s magazines that have scantily clad women selling products for women. Nice double standard girls.
2) People who anticipate a stop light turning green for them by edging slowly forward until the light does turn green when they plod ahead like tractor trailers loaded with cinder blocks.
3) Two people arguing about something and not being articulate enough to realize that they are arguing the same viewpoint.
4) Managers whose managerial style consists of yelling.
5) People in small cars who pull as far over to the left as possible before making a right turn. As though they are driving tractor trailers loaded with cinder blocks.
6) Near-sighted dogs
7) Product instructions that include the very basic use of the product i.e. a container of moist towelettes that has the instruction “wash face and hands” on it.
8) Companies that have “Customer Appreciation Days” with an accompanying sale where that company makes slightly less than it’s usual 200% profit. As if to say on every other day customers are not appreciated and treated as a necessary evil.


Corvid said...

My all-time fave warning label? One for a hair dryer that admonished its use... while sleeping! Ok, Chuckles, if you needed to read a label to tell you that, then a damp head of hair is the least of your frickin' worries.

Miloj Gack! said...

How about the warning label on the Milwaukee Heat Gun (generates heat up to 1000 degrees fahrenheit) telling people that the product "Is not to be used as a hair dryer".

A few people set their heads on fire and it ruins it for the rest of us.